Collection and Payment of monthly rental income of commercial and residential buildings.

Drafting lease agreements and other documentation in real estate, etc. signs.

Investigation of tenants and guarantors, are attached to InforCheck Reports and Clearing to provide the highest level of security when renting your property.

Funds sent to owners of properties residing in other cities.

Advise on financial and taxation – income tax settlement, both in sales and rentals, and everything about the new tax system.

Control of Contract Compliance.

Care and Maintenance of Leased Property in its proper delivery unemployment.


See concretely the value of expected sale or rent your property at no charge to you

This team will visit our assessors, who will make direct contact with the characteristics of the building, evaluate and inform you about its value in view of current market values of comparable properties.


Extensive experience in purchase, sale, lease of commercial premises, houses, apartments, offices, land, warehouses, etc.

Advice from qualified professionals in software development, business and real estate.

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